award: Lauren Greenfield wins EMMY Best TV commercial for #likeagirl
nomination: Lauren Greenfield's #likeagirl gets an Emmy nom
breaking news: Lauren Greenfield's #likeagirl wins most coveted Titanium Awards at Cannes Lions
breaking news: Lauren Greenfield's #likeagirl wins biggest prize in Cannes, The Grand Prix
award: Lauren Greenfield's #likeagirl continues record-setting sweep of 2015 awards season.
commercial: Lauren Greenfield direct commercials for Hallmark
commercial: Michal Chelbin photographs Dan Lerner in Tel Aviv for Bulthaup Culture
commercial: Lauren Greenfield's #likeagirl to be a Super Bowl Ad (112 million viewers, largest viewership in US history)
commercial: Lauren Greenfield directs "To Be a Dad" for Toyota USA (3+ million views)
award: Lauren Greenfield receives 2nd DGA nomination for #likeagirl
commercial: Luca Locatelli directs Jeep Chrysler campaign
interview: Always #LikeAGirl - Meet the Director, Lauren Greenfield (over 125K views)
portfolio: Advertising // Vincent Fournier
commercial: #likeagirl by Lauren Greenfield for Always (200 million views and 5+ billion impressions)
commercial: Lauren Greenfield directs "RISE: Heidi Kloser", a film by Liberty Mutual (Over 1.3 million views on YouTube)