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Riverboom Ltd. is a company founded by war reporters upon a moonless night in the northwest of Afghanistan, in an infamous valley infested with wolfs, bandits and runaway Taliban. This is the valley where the river Boom flows. Ever since that night, Riverboom has been working for world peace from its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, on the shores of the placid lake Leman.

The Riverbooms are photographers, film directors, graphic artists, journalists and writers.

Riverboom is an idea factory, a producer and a publisher.
Riverboom publishes a series of illustrated books in the collection “Baechtold’s Best”. These are guidebooks, made up entirely of images, for unusual destinations like the North Pole, Afghanistan or Louvreland. A new collection called “Versus the World” pits countries like Switzerland or cities like Florence against the rest of the world in a visual contest. This collection exists as books but also as an application for iPad and iPhone.
But Riverboom produces foremost the projects of its members, whether that project be a world tour in couchsurfing, a film in Nollywood or an exhibition consisting of more then 700 posters plastered on the walls of Florence.